How VMAN connects to VmWare -- by REST API? By MOB (Managed Object Browser?)

We recently purchased VMAN licences for 192 sockets.  Not a trivial cost.  And I am trying to set it up for the first time.  Right now I am wishing we did a trial first.  We do already have Orion NPM and Netflow for 2000 nodes, and we had heard good things about VMAN from some sources, so we trusted it would be good quality tool.

I have ensure appropriate network connectivity (https) our vCenters and ESX hosts (though it's not clear if I need it to the individual hosts) and set up a domain service account that has appropriate permissions (via a custom role) in all our vCenters.  But I can't add any of our vCenters a a node.  I get message "CreateDiscoveryJob failed." 

I've opened a support case, and the tech asked me to test access to the vcenter managed object browser at https://<vcenter.fqdn>/mob.  That's not available because VmWare documentation states "Use the MOB only for debugging, and ensure that it is disabled in production systems."    Now I  have support telling me that the MOB is required for VMAN monitoring....something that is not mentioned anywhere in the Installation Guide, Getting Started Guide,  nor the Administration Guide.  I may be asking for a refund.

My only hope is that this tech does not know what he's talking about.  Does anybody know for sure how VMAN accesses data from VmWare vCenter?  I would expect it to use the REST API, not the MOB.


  • VMAN does not use the MOB for any part of it's polling process. VMAN only uses the API. The MOB is useful for troubleshooting sometimes just to validate what is being returned to the API but it is safe to disable the MOB if you use VMAN.

  • Yes, I now have it working and never did enable the MOB.  The problem I had was resolved by restarting the Solarwinds of several wierd problems I have had in the past few months that were resolved by restarting.  The support tech was (as I suspected) completely wrong to tell me that the MOB is required for VMAN.