Physical Blade Servers showing up as Virtual Machines or thinking they are Virtual machines in Orion

So I have 2 Physical blade servers -

1 Server is being monitored by WMI and the other is being monitored by an agent - both servers say they are sitting on hosts which they are not and say they have config paths as VM's in completely diff environments not even close to where these Physical blades sit. 

Kinda lost with this any thoughts ? to why this would happen 

  • That is strange indeed. You mention they are blades so I would certainly understand them showing up as sitting on the physical chassis they live in but not as virtual machines within a virtual host. At first glance that makes no sense at all... Any chance you can share a screenshot with any internal data scrubbed out? Also curious what version you are on currently.

  • This is one being polled by the agent and I am on 

    Version 2020.2.5

    Now this one shows its sitting on a host in another state on a completely different environment 

  • Thanks for the screenshot... I cannot think of a reason why physical servers would show up this way. Would you mind opening a ticket so our support team can have a look? Something is certainly off here and we should troubleshoot.

  • Will do - yeah I even upgraded to the latest HF hoping it was something dumb and running the wizard  run would sort it all out but nothing changed. 

  • I'm experiencing this same issue with my F5 appliances. Both say they're virtual machines hosted by an ESX host (also multiple states away). Weirder still is they don't show up on the list of VMs when I view the ESX hosts themselves. 

    I've got a now archived ticket for this issue. 

    Curious to know where in the DB handles these records of what belongs to what.