Virtualization Manager upgrade

Hi guys,

Please advise.

We are upgrading from VMan v6.3.2.69(fairly an old version) to VMan 2020.2.4.

The former version used to run independently on a separate server relative to the latter which can be installed on the existing orion server.

Is it possible to install  VMan 2020.2.4 on a separate server and with its own database? If possible, are there implications of doing so?

  • The separate version of DPA is essentially a dead platform and has been for a few years now.  VMAN could be installed in a separate server, but the Orion based version is really designed 100% around the assumption that all your Orion and VMAN data would be integrated.  Separating it makes it so you wouldn't see any of the topology relationships between servers monitored in Orion and their supporting VM infrastructure and is essentially going to mean you have to do double the admin work to maintain both environments.  

    What would be your scenario for wanting to keep them separate?  The only thing I could think of would be if there was a really rigid silo in place where the server teams and the virtualization teams are trying to avoid letting the other see their stuff?