How does

I am in the process evaluating VMAN and ran into an issue. I added my vcenter and the system discovered my 2 clusters which are Management and compute. So far so good, i was able to pull the info from the ESXI hosts which are 7.0X. I am using distributed switches with a mixture of
1Gig and 10 Gig ports. My management ports are in the 192.168.2.x range, then i have vmotion 10g ports which are in the 192.168.100.xrange.These ports dont have a gateway and can not be reached from any outside network.

So for some reason the system shows the vmotion ip address and complains that it is down for some of the hosts for others it does not.

Below enclosed are 2 screenshots which show that the host is but the system decided to pull on which is the vmotion address. I was able to update the polling address to fix the issue but i am wondering how the system elects the ip to pool so i can avoid this in the future specially in production when i have 100+ hosts and don't want to edit them 1 by 1