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SW_RA integration v1.0.html

Source script for the Runecast Analyzer integration with Solarwinds Virtualization Manager. This integration provides automated VMware issue scan of your VMware setup and reports all Critical issues.

1) Make sure your Runecast Analyzer instance is running and go to the main settings page to the API section and generate "API Token". This produces GUID you need to save and then update the script file to authenticate to API properly.

2) Go to Solarwinds Virtualization Manager dashboard -> Edit -> add resource -> new Custom HTML resource -> Save

3) On the VMAN dashboard, find new custom HTML resource and click "edit"

4) Copy and paste the content of attached ".html" file into new HTML resource.

5) In the pasted content, find "runecastServer" text address and change assigned IP it to your IP/hostname. Do the same with "runecastAPIToken" variable and paste your Token/GUID you generated in step #1.

6) Save the changes in custom HTML resource.

7) If your Runecast Analyzer instance doesn't use your own certificate, please log-in to Runecast Analyzer product web console via browser and add certificate security exception. This is important, otherwise, the integration will not work. Ensure you are logging from the same browser/location from where you display VMAN. This is needed only once at the very first time.

This script can be modified to report also non-critical issues and DISA-STIG, VMware hardening or best-practices guidelines.