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VMware Tag support in 6.2?


just one question for clarification: VMware tag support hasn't made it into 6.2, correct? I saw it it on the "what we are working on" list but not in the release notes of 6.2.

Many thanks!


  • Joern

    That is correct it is not included in VMAN 6.2 but that is not for lack of wanting to add it.  Until the recent release of vSphere 6 VMware did not provide tag info through their API which VMAN uses to gather information on the vSPhere environment.  Now that vSPhere 6 is out I would expect us to provide Tag support but it will only be for vSphere 6.

  • Dude its been 2 years still nothing on TAGs for VMAN, Id like to do a discovery and group them in solar-winds based on there TAGS.

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