How to change the polling method for ESX host from Vcenter to Directly from ESX

How to change the polling method for ESX host from Vcenter to Directly from ESX? I am not seeing any option in Virtualization settings..


  • It sounds like you need to just monitor each ESXi host directly. You can do this through NPM using 'add node' or by using network discovery. 

    After discovering your hosts, edit each ESXi host's node properties in Orion and change the polling method to "VMware, Hyper-V, or Nutanix entities."


    And farther down in the node properties page, enable the "poll for VMware" option.


    Given the right credentials, this should give you host status without having to go through vCenter.

  • If you already have the node monitored, edit the node and you should be able to adjust to SNMP.

    the newest version of VMAN, or IVIM uses the radio buttons to choose monitoring method and includes VM in that group. If you add the vCenter, you will get the entire tree, DC, Stores, Hosts and VM's. Any of the hosts and VMs you can also monitor via SNMP or WMI (whichever is applicable). What you will see is the virtualization polling broken off from the polling method, and placed lower on the edit node page where it used to be, thus allowing you to change from ICMP (if used), to SNMP or WMI. I leave the virtualization monitoring in place, as there is usually a message that the ESX Host VM polling is being done from the vCenter, but change the polling method on the host from ICMP to SNMP.

    Whatever Virtual Environment Entity that you monitor first, using vman/ivim, will bring in the 'tree' below that, but nothing above. At least this has been my experience, and the reason I start with the vCenter, and then change the hosts from ICMP to SNMP.

     - CharlesH

  • I dont see this option.. i had added as individual host itself first.. then i added the vcenter and i see everythiing is changed to Vcenter Polling.... 

    In the VMware settings, i dont see option to change to ESX polling... any clue?

  • why should it be changed to SNMP? I am not using SNMP

  • Agreed. , wouldn't you want to be using ESX credentials?

  • The reason I enable SNMP on ESX hosts is that I recommend polling for VM from the vCenter. This gives you the entire tree of DataCenters, Stores, Hosts, VMs. If you are polling your virtualized entities at the vCenter then host's and everything else you add want to come in as ICMP. This gives you metrics from the Virtual perspective but does not cover entities on the servers(hosts and VMs). If you enable SNMP on the ESX host you can change the polling method from ICMP to SNMP to obtain entity status and statistics from the Server/OS Perspective and enable the monitoring of Interfaces and Volumes from said Server. But this does mean your Virtualized environment monitored from vCenter and those credentials are not placed at the Host level. If you apply the VMAN/VIM credentials at the ESX host, it is difficult or problematic to then shift that to SNMP and maintain the VMAN/VIM monitoring. This is just the way we have to interface with the Orion application. I am curious if anyone has a different experience with this process in monitoring our virtualized environments or a way to get a 'full level' of detail that provides full-on entity status and stats to further enhance alerting capabilities.