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Solarwinds SNMPv3 and ESXi 6.0

Hi all,

I am trying to add my esxi 6.0 hosts into solarwinds using SNMPv3. So far, SW keeps throwing an error - test failed.

On the host, I configured an engineID, auth protocol, priv protocol, set a user and selected each of those protocols I previously configured and put in the raw passwords then converted to hash keys and lastly configured the v3 targets with all the same information.

I also started the snmp service on the host once all that info is entered and enabled the agent.

The same info is saved in solarwinds snmpv3 credential manager.

When this didnt work, I tested logging into my solarwinds Win2019 server and ran SNMP Walk, put in the same info and that seemed to work ok - it generated log files for each 'pass' and didnt throw any errors.

Is there something I am missing?