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Virtualization Manager

I am interested in loading the demo copy of virtualization manager. The system requirements call for 200GB disk space!  Is this local disk or database?

Also is ths not just another module on the Solarwinds server?  Does it need a seperate database? Why does the database requirements say integrates with virtual appliance?

How is the installation of this any different than say a SAM installation?


  • Virtualization manager is an appliance, so all you need to do is create a VM with a 200GB datastore.  The deployment is really easy after that -- everything is self contained in the virtual appliance.

  • I'm not sure about the details of the Virtualization Manager, but what I am using and is a Solarwinds Orion platform plugin is the "Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor." I can't seem to find specs, but my server is 67GB and my database is 2GB, so it's certainly less demanding than the Virtualization Manager seems to be.

  • Jeff, Chris

    The "Integration Virtual Infrastructure Manager" (IVIM)is integrated into Orion for NPM and SAM.  It gives some status data of your VMs, Hosts, and the organization of your virtual infrastructure.  Virtualization Manager (VMan) is a VM appliance that you install separately and takes a much deeper dive into the virtual infrastructure, including storage usage and performance, capacity planning, sprawl (reclaiming resources), visualization, and health and status.  With the release of Virtualization Manager 6.0, much of the data in VMan is exposed in SAM and NPM by adding new views and resources and augmenting the views already provided by IVIM.  This allows you to map you applications and VMs to the datastores and see contention in the storage level, as well as sprawl and all the additional alerts in VMan.

    For a complete list of features and an overview of how to install and turn on the integration, see this post:

    You can also play with the VMan integration on any of our demo sites, here is the link to the systems demo:

    Systems Management Live Product Demo

    VMan is a virtual appliance you install in your virtual environment (VMware or Hyper-V) and needs 4 vCPU, 8GB of RAM and 200GB of space (although you can thin provision it).   Detailed instructions are here:

    Let me know if you any additional questions.