Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 2019.4 Is Now Generally Available

We are very pleased to announce that VMAN 2019.4 is now generally available in the customer portal​ as well as on

For complete details, click over to our complete VMAN 2019.4 Release Notes​.

So what's new in VMAN 2019.4?


VMAN 2019.4 formally introduces, for the first time, support for your Nutanix environment.

Nutanix has increasingly become a hardware vendor our customers are adopting and asking about. Again and again, we heard in customer interviews about past and planned Nutanix environments, so we knew it was time to do something about it. And since our goal, as always, was to deliver value to our customer quickly, VMAN 2019.4's Nutanix coverage is a technical preview. See all of what that means here.

So, after adding your Nutanix cluster via our Add Node wizard:


You'll land on your Virtualization Summary page, and right away see Nutanix alongside VMware and Hyper-V:


From the Virtualization Summary page, scroll down to find your Nutanix environment summary:


Or click into your Nutanix Cluster to see details on that Cluster:


And let AppStack show you all the relationships between Nutanix and your other entities:


This is just an overview, but be sure to upgrade to experience the full extent of what you can do with VMAN + Nutanix. And, since this is a technical preview, don't be shy in letting the team know which VMAN features you know and love you would like to see enabled for your Nutanix environments.


Related to the Nutanix monitoring outlined above, we're happy to announce that, in collaboration with the Server & Application Monitor team, we have delivered deep visibility into the hardware health of your Nutanix supported hardware platform. Hardware health for Nutanix is through Prism CVMs, and thus is independent of hypervisor (i.e VMware, Hyper-V or AHV).

Once it's up and running, you'll have an in depth view of the various health aspects of your Nutanix hardware environment:



A primary benefit of being on Orion is that with every release, you benefit from the platform features our teams work on tirelessly.

Click over to the Orion Platform 2019.4 Release Notes to see what that means for you.


As always, you can head over to our What We're Working On page to see what you can expect to see next, and be sure to advocate for the features you want in our Feature Requests forum.

- the VMAN team