Unlicensed Sockets - How to find them?

I have a big environment.  Really big.  We had originally spec'd out our environment a few months ago and purchased the appropriate licensing.  Lo and behold, by the time we got VMAN rolled out people had added more hosts to the target vCenters and I've reached my maximum socket count already.  (Cue sales team stampede.)

Without pulling a report listing the hosts in every vCenter and then logging into each vCenter to determine if all of the hosts are listed is there some sort of magical way that I can see how many extra licenses I would need in order to be compliant?  I know that I need to jump to the next licensing level (which is a pretty big leap emoticons_angry.png ... don't like that I can't incrementally or additive license VMAN) but I need to be able to tell our management team whether I am 2 or 200 sockets over our license limit.