Raw data export?

I have been evaluating the Virtualization manager product for a few days, and have not been able to work this one out.  In the standard NPM and other products, I can build a report that lets me do pretty much a raw dump of all data samples of a given type, though I have to do it in the report creation tool from the host, not through the web.  It looks like the query/report tool might be able to do this, but it seems more focused on finding types of data than lists of data.  We are baselining and load testing our infrastructure, and need some short term (a few days) high resolution stats:  cpu load, memory usage, others that this tool seems to collect (albeit that I have to increase the polling rate of the configuration versus performance information for some... kind of odd for cpu stats which I consider performance, but I digress).  I am sure they are in there somewhere:  it is keeping raw data for 14 days.  Other than possibly going through and plotting each one over short periods of time and exporting, I can't see how to  get to that data.

Is there a set of query or report functions I am missing?  This tool provides access to more VMWare stats than the NPM virtualization tools.  I understand this would not be a normal monitoring mode, but I have used it to help with planning, etc.  Hour roll-up resolution, given our environment, is not sufficient detail for what we need.  We have short bursts of activity.

I don't mind doing SQL queries directly in a pinch, though I am not sure we have access in the VM product.