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over 2 years ago

Show speed/duplex and negotiation status

I would like to be able to identify the speed/duplex on ports and whether the setting has been forced or auto negotiated.  At the moment is that I am trying to determine which desktop PCs and switch ports have been forced as our global Win7 desktop build standard is auto/auto, whereas our old XP build differed in some offices.  I am currently having to do this check manually across about 600 switches.  I would therefore love to see the speed/duplex status as it appears in Cisco show interface status output: e.g. a-1000/a-full for 1G/FDX or 100/full for 100Mbps/FDX forced so I can tell if a port has been auto negotiated or not.  UDT is very useful for me to get the PC names on the ports so I can pass them to the desktop teams, but I still have to run commands manually on the switches to check speed and duplex.  This feature would also be useful to flag ports have autonegotiated to 100Mbps/half whic this signals that auto negotiation has been unsuccessful.

  • I had previously created a custom poller, and only added this poller to WAN facing nodes to check duplex settings for critical wan facing interface. Opted to discontinue this method, as custom pollers are intensive in addition to all other polling happening. We are hoping Device Tracker will provide this functionality, fingers crossed.

  • I can see this being useful in the NPM interface details view.

    I'm still on 10.3.1 - the details shows configured speed but it would be nice to have the duplex displayed there as well.

    The label on the data implies that the displayed speed is statically configured as such.  However I have interfaces where I've confirmed the interfaces are auto-negotiate and there's nothing there to indicate this .  It would help to have another indicator to state whether the displayed speed is negotiated or configured.

  • It does appear there is an OID for this.  While waiting for SolarWinds to implement your request, you should be able to create a custom poller to pull this, should you be so inclined.

    ObjectportDuplexOID1.   1 : half
      2 : full
      3 : disagree
      4 : auto
  • Use wireshare capture packet and see it.

  • Is the interface negotiation status available through SNMP?