Integrated MAC Address Lookup

I'd like to see the manufacturer information in UDT.  I have a lot of different types of devices on my network and having the manufacturer linked to the MAC would be helpful for me.  I often have to jump to a website and key in various MAC ID's to get an idea of what I'm dealing with (PC, switch, HVAC controller, NAS, etc).

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  • Hi Jiri,

    Thanks for the answer. I still can't use OUI information. Here is why.

    • I can't use the IP Address filter. Available options are MacPrefix, Company and EndPointCount. That's not enough. I need to group and count them.
    • I think the OUI database is poor (I am not sure though). We have total of 71000 device and 28.500 have unknown status. Where is the OUI db file? Can I change it the way I like or update it?
    • OUI column should be available in the IPAM also. (IPAM & UDT integration)
    • Also did you announce this OUI feature? I don't remember you did.