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over 2 years ago

Fix UDT polling for Cisco Nexus FEX ports

This is related to my post in the UDT forums - UDT not working on Nexus FEX units

Currently Cisco Nexus FEX layer 2 access ports are not populating the vmMembershipSummaryTable because the port ifindex is above the limit of 2048.  Because the vmMembershipSummaryTable is not populated, UDT does not know which vlans to grab when it polls the dot1DBasePortTable@vlanXXX and dot1dTpFdbTable@vlanXXX.  As a side note, Switch Port Mapper in the Engineer's Toolset is able to grab the MACs and map the IPs.

We need UDT to be able to poll our Nexus FEX ports and display MAC and IP info for them.

  • I like your perspective, and respect it.

    My perspective is skewed based on the lack of management of IP addresses and ports that some IT teams have shown in the DC's.  We have 4000 servers and you'd think they'd all be locked down, labeled, well-known, with little change or churn.

    Suffice it to say that I could better support the System Admins and Data Center Operators if UDT were available to "turn on" on Nexus / ACI ports, thus showing all the devices and their port histories and locations, etc.

    Certainly this isn't a general condition of the world's data centers (I hope!).  But being able to choose between enabling or disabling UDT on data center ports is an important option.  It's great to turn off/leave off for some environments, and even better to be able to enable it in others. 

  • This request is a couple years old, and I apologize for responding so late in the game...additionally let me say, I've not voted on this request either way! However, my network logic is having a hard time with this request. I completely agree with the 6800 comment, yes please, it is an access layer platform! But the NX/FEX...that is a data center platform, not a "user" endpoint platform. UDT = User Device Tracker. I document my NX ports and strictly control access, user access ports on the other hand, who knows what is being plugged in. My thoughts, I don't want these "Key Features" anywhere near my data center NX's.


    Again, I've not voted on this, just offering my perspective on the request.


  • Surprised this one is not fixed yet.  

  • Has anyone at least been able to find some sort of workaround for this?