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Access Point Connected to Port

Show what port in which the access point is connected. This is but a simple request. You know where all the access points are, now show me the port in which it is plugged.

  • Here is my challenge, and help me if I see this wrong...

    If UDT can see any given user endpoint and make an intelligent association to identify the end device. Why can't it do the same for Access points? If you look closely, UDT is very talented at identifying end devices with the exception of Access points, which causes me to deduce that access points are explicitly excluded, for what reason I do not know or understand and I hope someone from Solarwinds UDT team can help me on that logic.

    I just want to know the port the access point in plugged into. Solarwinds knows both the MAC and IP of the access point, in addition to the Wireless controller to which the AP's are associated, the clients on the AP etc... why is it so difficult to show the port the device in plugged into?????

    Help me understand... For a company that has over 100 Access points deployed.

  • I think this may be beneficial and would like to see it.

    not all switches would report the access point

    I don't see it in my DELL PowerConnect switches ISDP or LLDP tables

  • this information might also be available from the LLDP MIB