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over 2 years ago

A patch panel/rack port/data centre/floor port database

It would be great if solarwinds could develop a coms room port patching database where at a comms rooms or data centre we could map out where a floor or rack port maps to a comms rack and then to a switch port. It would have to support different rack cabling systems or setups. Maybe this could be integrated with the mapping products so that you insert a image of a rack or cable management system or floor space and then edit the ports one there as you are build a new coms room or office. At the moment we have to manage the records out of books kept on site. these can get changed and not updated or when planning upgrades we have to do audits to check availability. it would be good if we could maintain those records in a central database with dynamic links to the devices managed in solarwinds so that everyone with solarwinds access could check them whether they are on site or in a remote head office

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