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Use Custom Properties to classify nodes in Dashboard

This may be a simple question to answer.  I am used to building dashboards, but needing to use a custom property for a new dashboard.

The custom property is "Network_Family"

I want to build a widget in the dashboard that will sort or classify all discovered nodes using that "Network_Family" property.

My SWQL is weak, remedial but learning.  I have mainly just needed to use the graphical build tool for most dashboards.  I have done some SWQL but never with custom properties.

Thank you in advance for any and all help everyone can provide.

  • This should get you started

    Select NodeID, IP_Address, Caption, status, Network_Family
    FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties cp
    INNER JOIN Orion.nodes nd on cp.NodeID = nd.NodeID
    Where Network_Family Like '%YourFamilyNameHere%' 
    Order by Status DESC