UDT for unsupported devices like Cambium Radios

I'm curious if anyone out there has knowledge of how UDT actually works in deciding the device path.

We have several devices in out environment that UDT is blind to. For example:


Router1 -> Switch1 -> Switch2 -> Cambium Master -> Cambium Subscriber -> Switch3 -> End Device

UDT Would see the path as:

Router1 -> Switch1 -> Switch2 -> Switch3 -> End Device

I assume this is because Orion cannot get the ARP table from the Cambium radio, so it cannot see those links.

I know the device may not be supported by Orion yet, but I am thinking I could write my own SNMP polling script and update any database table I needed, to give UDT all the info it needed from the Cambiums. The UDT could 'see' the radios and be able to have the functionality we want.