Dynamically Identify Device and/or Logged In User on Office Floor Map

I am attempting to create an Orion map identifying where each office is connected back to the switch and then have the map dynamically update what device and associated logged in user is in that particular office.

I am currently utilizing NPM, NCM, SAM, IPAM and UDT in my environment.

I can see all the information I am looking for all linked together in UDT when I pull up a port on the switch, the device, or the user. On an Orion map I link the switch port to the office, and it will identify whether the port has connectivity or not. I can also configure the map with the device that is in an office, and it will identify whether the machine is online as well as who is logged into the device, however I do not want to have to edit the map each time a machine is moved.

Can an Orion map be configured with each office’s switch connection and then dynamically show on the map not only whether a machine is online or not but also what device is connected and who is logged into it? If so, how?

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