Active endpoint report issue

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In an environment with many cisco switches mostly Cisco 2960, I evaluate UDT endpoint function. Based on my investigation when the switch is configured properly endpoint discovery works fine, and the correct devices are shown on the switch page. Although this is the case, in the Active endpoint report which is created by default in the Orion platform, many switches does not appear!

Is there anyone who have similar issue?

Does this feature require specific IOS build version?

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  • If correct devices showns on the switch page, it should show on the report.  Unless they are not an actively connected to the switch as the report is about Active Endpoint.

  • Again thanks for the prompt respond.

    My assumption is that something hinder the path to find the correct devices. The switch configuration on all devices are the same but the ios versions and backbone connectivity differs.

    In my environment about the half of the node ports are just discovered as active endpoint and UDT is unable to recognize the rest. Is there any remedy in this kind of situation? I have already configured, mac notification, trap, syslog, both on the switch port side and the switch general settings. I also customized many notification prompt and watch the result, but no information shown! 

    How do you think?


  • At this point you are simply speculating.  Did you check the ARP table of your Layer 3 device? does it contain the MAC Address that is supposed to be connected to an IP address?

    You are simply looking at it as such that it should get the Information from the DC and the MAC endpoints just simply needs to be detected.  There is information in between them.  Start there first.

  • My assumption is that the core layer is being monitored from the NPM module and sends logs and traps to Log analyzer (LA), so in this respect the information already provided.

    The core layer switch is actively monitors vlan and interfaces. Also, the trap and syslog is active on the switch. I would add the backbone interfaces at layer 3 and update with the result.


  • Same here! Layer-3 port collection from UDT does not resolve the issue.

    Any idea?

  • Yes, did you happen to check the ARP table of the Core router?  first, check where you actually expect the User data to appear.  Verify if it is on the UDT MAC endpoints.  If it is then look for the MAC Address on the core router ARP table.  If it is not there, then that is why it does correlate the IP to the MAC endpoint.

  • The ARP table filled with the all mac addresses, seems that the core layer is doing its job and we should look into other matters. 

    After hours of troubleshooting I concluded my perceiving from the Cisco IOS side rather UDT issue, To what extend do you agree? Have you experience the same?

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