Looking for an alternative to Solarwinds UDT

I am currently evaluating Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor with User Device Tracker and Server Application Monitor. So far Solarwinds does a great job at offering an all-in-one product, although it's not really cheap. I looked into PRTG from Paessler, but with it I am not able to find out on which switchport a device is connected to. ManageEngine seems to be able to do it with OpManager + IPAM & SPM, but it seems it's also not really cheap if I intend to also monitor applications on more than 200 servers.
Has somebody maybe experience with both of the two solutions?

  • I personally don't have experience with those but we are probably moving fully over to Nagios. Been using it for some time now for servers but now might also be for our switches. lol

  • It's a matter of expectations I suppose.  SW isn't always the cheapest but tools that cost less generally either give up something in terms of user experience or capabilities.  When I was consulting a few times I was set up to do head to head comparisons against a rep from other companies and I those clients all ended up picking Orion over anything else they were looking at.  At this point I'm not aware of any competitors that had more features and could beat Orion on price.