UDT timeout on Catalyst 9k switches

I have had this issue for over a year now

UDT never populates any information for devices connected on 9300 switches, on Fuji (16.9.x) or above - I have approximately 80 units behaving exactly the same way

Earlier versions were fine

Tried many different versions of firmware (currently on 16.9.5, but behaviour is the same in Gibraltar 16.12.x)

This problem is getting worse as we swap EOL switches out for 9300 - around 10-15% of our estate has no UDT information

Solarwinds blame Cisco - Cisco blame Solarwinds.

Using UDT Compatibility Checker - vmMembershipSummaryTable returns all the correct VLANs, 

However, it then receives a 'Not Supported' response when querying the 'dot1TpFdbTable' and therefore just times out on when querying all the dot1d tables - suggesting it is a Cisco problem.

But getting them to acknowledge it is painful

Anyone else having issues? I cant be the only person in the world using 9300 switches and UDT? 

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