UDT information not accurate

Trying to get an idea of how other users of UDT find the information within the product.  For me its not very accurate.

I have UDT added to all my Juniper and Cisco switches.  I also have event log rights watching all my global domain controllers.  That isn't a problem

What I do find is whatever mechanism UDT uses to map the Windows event log entry that ties my username/IP to an endpoint/mac is what is failing miserably.

For example my login account I can see UDT is reporting that I am logging into a number of other users laptops/endpoints that I know for a fact I am not.  My assumption is during the login mapping to endponit it may be pulling and old DNS or lookup entry for networks like wifi that are always changing IPs via dhcp.  Whatever the case may be it is not accurate.

Similarly if you dig into my personal laptop endpoint page it will show many other users logging into my machine that I know have never done so.  Again probably tied to many of them being on same wifi segment as me and UDT not doing well with mapping them correctly.

Anyone else run into this headache?  For me the product is pretty worthless if it can't track down accurate user to device mappings.