User Device Tracker - Port Availability

We are running UDT ver 3 and both hotfixes installed.

UDT has a nice dashboard feature that shows you the total ports, used ports and then free ports.

Problem is that it's not a true reflection of the physical port count.

- this port count includes :

  - switch ports - "user" ports

  - stack ports

  - uplink (trunk) ports

  - VLANs

So here's the problem

on a Cisco Catalyst 2960 S stack with 2 members  ( both are 48 port switches) and a total of 96 ports I get :

- 1 x vlan interface

- 6 x Stack Ports

- 96 x normal "user" ports

- 8 x uplink ports

- 1 x FA0 port

I understand that I can stop monitoring some of these ports and that would "sort out" my port count issue, but it's not an option, I need to also monitor these ports.

What I'm basically looking for is a report that I can permanently insert into the dashboard that will reflect specified ports (like port gig 1/0/1-24), which will be a true reflection of user usable ports.

Any assistance will be appreciated

  • Why do you need to monitor these ports in UDT?

    I found the same as you did but I just deleted all the "irrelevant" interfaces as I don't need any UDT information on them. However, I do still have some of these monitored within NPM, like uplinks etc.

  • We don't run NPM, we run NCM and UDT

    We have support staff that don't have access to the Cisco devices on the LAN, so it's important for them to be able to see that as an example the Stack Links between the switches are up and working

  • UDT is for capacity management, not monitoring whether ports are up or down.

    This blog has some more info on it but it is a little bit old

    UDT Tips and Tricks

  • I have to disagree with you

    if UDT is purely for capacity management then it fails in the area it was designed for.

    my stack with 96 ports reports 112 ports.

    if you go into a device in UDT it does actually show you port status (UP or DOWN) and then also which devices are connected to that port.

  • I guess I have to disagree with you as well. UDT doesn't fail in the area it was designed for. Like all Solarwinds products, they are customizable for your environment. As mentioned in the blog I linked earlier, you can customize it to report what ports you are interested in. Be default, UDT assumes you want to know about all ports.

    To read what UDT was designed to do, see here User Device Tracker | UDT | SolarWinds

    I know UDT shows if a port is up or down but with a default of 30 min scan intervals, it's not really a realtime indication that shows something going down. And is someone really going to stare at the screen and flick between all the ports to see if the green lights go off? If you want a monitoring tool, then you need to buy a monitoring tool. One that also does alerting when things aren't what you want them to be. NPM is perfect for that.