Which New Reports Would You Like to Have in UDT?

Ideas welcome.


  • Currently the "Alert me when a new MAC address appears on network" report only gives you the date/time and MAC address.

    Then I have to copy/paste the MAC into the search.  This leaves a lot of room for improvement.

    I want an alert that tells me what I need to know instead of an alert that tells me to manually to go a web page and look it up.

    Add options to include these elements in the email:

    1. IP
    2. DNS name
    3. what device it is connect to (router/switch) with the port number
    4. link http://%servername%/Orion/UDT/EndpointDetails.aspx?NetObject=UE-MAC:VAL=%MACADDRESS% in the email
  • It would be nice to be able to generate a report that would provide port history for any given MAC address. This would help track devices down when a comprised machine is offline when notification is received. (Direct connections only) We often get reports from end users who have moved there PC and wonder why it no longer gets to the internet. It would be great to be able to hop into UDT and see the history of direct connections so we could ensure correct interface configuration.

    I see that there is an option for historical result, but it does not return proper results. I can currently pull this information directly out of the database by joining an number of tables but that is pretty time consuming.


  • In the Ad-Hoc reporting area is there a way to make the "Port Description" field stick?  This is a field I always like to see and by default it is deselected...

    In addition, it would be really helpful if you had the ability to filter that list based on "Connected to" or "Vlan" fields.  I do understand this can be done after doing an export to excel but having that option and then only exporting those fields would minimize the data required to pull for an export considerably!  Even more valuable would be the ability to use NPM standard and custom fields for filtering such as Site or other groupings.

    Another great report would be one that that can pull all IP's from every site and create a list of subnets that exist at each site and the number of clients on those subnets.  This may be asking for the world but somehow including the subnet or vlan names would be extremely useful.


  • I would like to be able to run a report to highlight when a device has been moved from one switch port to another.

    This would help keep CMDB's current.

    So far i have not been able to find a way to generate a report including device DNS name and Switchname with port in the same report.

    including details of

    • IP
    • DNS name
    • what device it is connect to (router/switch) with the port number


  • I would like to see a history report of which users have logged into a workstations on the network, and what port those machines are connected too.