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over 2 years ago

Undeleting an element (node/interface/volume etc.)

A few minutes ago I accidentally deleted my backbone switch (and all the interfaces of course). Since undeleting an element (node, interface etc.) is not possible (Except restoring SQL from backup) it means that I've lost all the interface statistics, node statistics (CPU, Memory, Availability) and atlas map drawing. And this is not my first time. This is a common issue for all of us. If NPM can remember an element for a specific period of time that would be great. I think It shouldn't be that hard to implement this.

PS; Please vote these ideas also if you like them of course. And I bet you do. emoticons_happy.png

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  • would better text in confirmation dialog help you in this case?

  • In response to the specifics of accidentally deleting a node by having it check-boxed and actually was only meaning to delete an interface, I am all for this being fixed...

    While in my previous post I mentioned my thoughts that this would just add a lot of garbage to the database by caching intended deletions, I think the problem you have described here (we have all done at one point or another) could easily be fixed by SW automatically un-checking the Node level check-box whenever an interface level box is checked.

    This would only make sense since nobody is going to intentionally check-box the node AND one of its interfaces at the same time.  A user would simply check the Node if they wanted to actually delete it, and an interface otherwise.  An auto-correct function so to speak shouldn't be too hard for them to implement and would correct the problem as you have described.

  • I think NPM should not allow to select both node and interface/volume. Don’t you think?

  • No.  Users are under the presumption that they have the correct item(s) selected when they hit delete.  Nobody actually reads "what" is being deleted.  My response about auto-correcting the check-box below would correct the problem.

  • So can you guys confirm that having node to not be automatically checked when you select some interfaces for deleting resolve your problem?