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over 2 years ago

True Parent/Children Relationship and easier UI to manage

Make it easier to create and manage Parent/Child relationships.  Use an easier UI such as a file directory hierarchy along with drag & drop, to display and manage the relationships. Setup "one-click" rules to manage alerts for children of a parent.  If Parent x goes down, one check in a box will silence all alerts on the children. The groups function right now is OK, but it doesn't allow for true relationships, multiple levels down.

  • in many cases I can write queries against existing database tables to populate dependencies, sometimes adding thousands of dependencies. I'd like a UI that allowed that, and also for the dependency evaluation engine to be able to cope with tens of thousands of entries...

  • At the moment, the Dependencies doesn't work perfectly.

    If I create a Underfolder in a Folder, I cannot set this Underfolder as parent of nodes/folders.

    I tried this out and the Dependency didn't work.

    I suggest also to improve the functionality of the Dependencies.

  • Thanks for bumping this. I offered this rough mockup to Rob as an idea:


  • I completely agree with this request.  The way you need to setup dependencies is far to complicated.  I agree with Marc Coxall that NPM should be able to determine parent/child relationships based upon traceroutes and other information they already gather.  They are able to create links in the Network Atlas based upon the L2/L3 information returned from certain devices.  Why not use that information to create/suggest relationships and dependencies?

  • I've also created a feature request for this because it's such an issue. In order to prevent our inboxes from getting flooded with up/down notifications, I had to create over 300 dependencies. The current UI is extremely inefficient and the search function is horrible.