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over 1 year ago

Test/Development Licenses

Disclaimer: I know that there are other threads on this but I wanted to update it in this new Idea space.

I would really like to have Test/Development licenses for SolarWinds products, at least for the products that we have purchased.  These licenses could be restricted to just a few nodes (like 10ish).

The reasons for this would be having the ability to do the following things in a non-production environment...

  • Testing upgrades
  • Testing different configurations
  • Learning the SolarWinds products for SCP (SolarWinds Certified Professionals)
    • In the case of SCP's I think they should get access to test licenses for all of the SW products to keep current
  • Creating a small training environment
  • Creating a demo environment

I am sure there are other reasons that I have not already thought of, please share if you have them and vote on this idea if you like it!

  • Test/Dev licenses are all fine and dandy but if you don't necessarily have the physical hardware for it or the resources to get it for you, I'd like to see an add-on module in the Orion platform that would act as a virtual sandbox environment.

  • I believe they can discount for dev/test environments

  • This morning I had an account review meeting and we discussed how it would be nice to have some DPA licensing that could be used for DEV boxes that we are using to test applications and not have to pay $$$$$ for a regular DPA license.  I know it is a pipe dream...

  • Can we vote twice on this one?

  • recently i just came across that SAM has been launched with new licensing type.. it will be now node based and from the webinar it looked that its being launched for less number too like 5,10 etc....

    But the pricing part looks very high....when its out we will get to know..

    I would still like to see the Dev/Test licenses made available like how everyone is requesting here for a longer time or probably free for lesser number of devices....