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over 1 year ago

Render SolarWinds NPM data based on Local browser time

I like to request a feature where the NPM portal can adjust timezone based on the local browser time, so the user can analyze graph, event and logs local to his/her timezone rather converting them which take time and effort.

  • Have you tried PerfStack in the latest release? PerfStack shows data based upon your browser's timezone automatically.

  • This is a must have feature for us, we store all data in UTC and need the browser to translate date's to browser timezone rather than web server time.

  • Would it make sense to add a drop down option for a view as TIMEZONE option? It is helpful even for say viewers at a corporate office to switch the graph to a local timezone to properly represent utilization and send those reports to management. It would give us a good visual without having to explain the timezone conversion outside of the graph.

    Even adding the Timezone to the graph's time would be beneficial so there is at least some point of reference.