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Orion Maps - Modify Link Colours and Shape

We would like to be able to modify the link/lines created in Orion Maps.  Specifically the line colours and shape ie: being able to bend the line at the midpoint.

  • I'll add some thoughts here regarding the links.

    • Would be nice to be able to bend the lines as we could in Atlas.
    • Would be nice to be able to turn of the link labels. In some cases with a lot of links it gets to crowded. Maybe show the labels upon hoovering or when in distress. 
  • Awesome feedback - thank you!

  • The colours changing based on thresholds is fine - but it is more the colour itself ie: current map lines (normal threshold) are pastel/pale green, our preference would be a brighter green. Link down is kinda Purple/Maroon (nearly red) - but our preference would be Black so that it stands out from critical threshold Red.  Also, given yellow and red are used for both Data and Error thresholds - this could lead to a false positive in terms of what is reported, so again having the choice of different colours based on the type of threshold would be good (appreciate this is going to be like marmite) ie:


    Also, the Data in the Pill could be a bit sharper (bold) or maybe its my aging eyes...!

  •  certainly lots of requests for shaping the connections. Certainly well understood. Can you elaborate on how or why you would change the color of the line? Wouldn't you want the colors to be based on thresholds for warning and critical/ yellow or red? Curious your thoughts and ideas.