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Orion Maps - Broken line / hide traffic / convert tools


Feature request to improve Orion Map

We have many requests from our customers (many case on support team) because they won't migrate maps from Network Atlas to Orion map due to lack of functionality.

They need :

  • How is it possible to create broken line?
  • How is it possible to hide traffic (only display % bandwidth usage)
  • How could we migrate from Network Atlas to Orion Map.

We have customers that have more than 150 Network Atlas maps, they need to have a tools to convert them.

Example with network atlas vs Orion Map :


We have on this one only 20 device but I can't imagine to convert a map with 50 - 100 device on Orion Map :


Many case have been opened and closed without workaround.


  • New time : impossible to add F5 component on Orion Map / Impossible to add UDP + value on Orion Map

  • Thanks for your comment  

    Another point, we sell frequently NTM and we create a link with Network Atlas, how it will work in the future if Network Atlas will be remove ? 


    yes I'm totally agree with you and customers are agree to use Orion Map but we need to have the same functionality.Yes maybe a long time

  • Still lack of functionality of Orion Maps on 2020.2 in comparing Network Atlas. Especially in customizing lines linking entities.Straight lines with obligatory color and labels need improvement absolutely. However I do not believe that SW spend any efforts for NA maps converter to Orion Maps. I hope for much more improvements in Orion Maps if they have to be real replacement of NA maps. So - in my opinion - platform 2021.4 looks to be the last with NA on board. Maybe NA maps will be available until 2022 or even 2024 . 

  •  Thank you for the feedback and screenshots.

    • The ability to have right angle or curved connections is a well understood request. It would certainly benefit maps, specifically more data dense maps as you mention above. 
    • The ability to hide connection statistics is also well understood. It can clutter maps in some cases, on others, customers enjoy seeing additional data.  Not everyone has the ability to interact with the map so having more detail on the screen is important. It sounds like you are wanting to remove the traffic statistics but still see utilization correct? Would you see other use cases as viable? What about only showing statistics when a poor state exists?
    • Also understand the desire for a migration utility. And I have had many conversations with customers that have much more than 150 maps so completely agree this is important. This is not a trivial task I am afraid as the two tech stacks are very dissimilar. 

     We absolutely appreciate the feedback and each of these will be certainly in consideration for a future release.