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over 1 year ago

Orion Dynamic Reports with Drop-Down Variable Options

When I create a report for one of my 100 locations, I have to duplicate it 100 times just for some minor adjustment to query for a different site.  Rather than filling up my report list and wasting my time doing it, it would be great if we could click on the report then have the option to modify a "dynamic variable" that's linked to something within the report.  For example the dropdown might be Chicago-Router, Boston-Router, Denver-Router etc..  Then I can run the report on that specific router.  The applications for this would be endless.  This would also allow people not fully in tune with Solarwinds products to simply run a report without me having to customize a report for every location or them having to build it when they don't know how. 

  • The would also be helpful for creating widget from Orion reports that are dynamic.  There is a custom SWQL query widget, but not a custom SQL query widget. You can create reports that are SQL based and display the report in a widget, but there is currently no way to allow the user to modify the report like you can with the custom SWQL query search criteria.


  • I'd prefer a proper reporting database instead with a published schema. We can then move the historical data out of the operational databse and use standard reporting tools. Putting effort into producing a non-core product [the report writer] when there are other companies doing a better job does not seem like a good long-term strategy to me,

  • Yes PLEASE!

    i am in the same situation, for auditing purposes i have to generate a report with CPU, Mem, HD,  Monthly and anually. for each monitored node. this mean 6 graphs per 125 nodes and is a pain in the .... to create, maintain and update.

  • I would also greatly appreciate seeing this be developed and incorporated ASAP.  In fact, I was about to submit a Feature Request for this exact thing (something I've been meaning to do for years), only to find it's already been posted - though I'm surprised at how low the vote count is!

    Having the ability to do some dynamic queries for reports is a long missing enhancement, and would really make custom reporting so much more valuable. (Right now we utilize our own custom system to do this via a separate web site & PERL - It'd be nice to retire that.)  You really shouldn't have to create an individual report per site or per device for instance - As that can literally lead to thousands of reports (so of course we don't do that & forego that information from Orion).

    Dynamic Report Generator from WebConsole  is a good place to start as an example, however this doesn't come with much in the way of instructions, nor is it obviously out-of-the-box, so I suspect not many people have looked into it. ...but the concept is there!

    Here's an example of where this capability would be handy: I have several hundred switches - I would like to on-demand, look at a report with the switch port status (Port, Description, Status, Vlan, Speed, Duplex, etc.) on any given switch.  As it stands now, that would take a separate report per device that is exactly the same in format, except for the Node name, resulting in a lot of work to generate & maintain those reports, and for the server to process / keep track of.

    In addition to that, and perhaps this is a separate request - It would be great to have on-demand SNMP polling, rather than continual polling for a select report.  Going back to my previous switch example - I don't want to place the burden on my polling engines to have to track thousands of switch ports, just to be able to run an on-demand report as described, for the one-time a year (or years) that someone needs that information for a specific device.  Rather, it'd be great to see an option that allows for only polling information when it's actually requested ("real time" and then not again, until another request occurs of course).

    Lets make this happen!