Open for Voting

One single alert for both warning and critical level

This idea is one that I've waited for since very 9.5 of SolarWinds and still have not seen it.

The basic concept involves consolidation of multiple alerts into one. Where we could basically set a threshold where it sends out a warning alert and email and a threshold for a critical alert and email.

There is no way currently to connect one trigger condition to one action and the other to the other. I've tried to many times to design and develop alerts even customizing them greatly in many ways and could not get the outcome I wanted.

I was even attempting to design an alert that would alert for informational, warning, and critical all under one alert. Could not get this to happen. Ended up with multiple alerts to get the end result I needed.

Alerts have evolved greatly but they still seem on a basic level. What I mean is that you can't get super complex with the alert because the current code won't allow it. I was able to get the end result using third party alerting software but none of them integrated correctly with SolarWinds causing the alerting to not work 100% accurately due to integration issues.

While alerts are much better. There is still room to improve the alerting component of SolarWinds even more. Enhance it further and open up many new possibilities when it comes to alerting.

Could help in efficiency too. Instead of having SolarWinds process 200 alerts at a time it can process 50 to do the work of 200.

This is a rough idea that I wanted to open for voting and discussion. Because I feel like I'm not the only admin trying to better organize our systems for better efficiency. And I'm not the only admin who would hate to have a third party system integration to get the job done. This isn't a huge ask, that could go a long way.