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NonStop server monitoring into solarwinds

Hi Team,

I might be wrong but it looks like this is first time we are trying to add HPE Nonstop servers into SolarWinds monitoring and We are facing challenges to onboard it.

At first we tried to poll information with snmpv1 but SolarWinds is unable to poll any info with v1, we tried for snmpv3 but then HPE vendor ask us to buy a license for snmpv3 configuration.

So we started working on SNMP traps and right now we are getting some success with configuring alerts for few parameters.

As we all know that with traps we can only do event correlation.

Since HPE is asking for snmpv3 license to be buyed i think it is a good opportunity to SolarWinds creating some package of SolarWinds agent like what we have for Windows and Linux servers which can be used for proper monitoring of Nonstop servers.  Which will help us to create customize dashboard.

If possible i would request SolarWinds team to at least update SolarWinds MIB database with Nonstop server mib as i said at least we can monitor something with snmpv1.