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over 1 year ago

New Volume Discovery

This idea is fantastic please add this.

Problem:  I have a new volume added to a server how do I have solar winds automatically monitor this or at least alert me I have a new hard drive (maybe I do not want to monitor it).  I also may have hundreds of servers with an existing volume or two that I do not want to monitor.  Going through a discovery's ignore list for hundreds of servers will be VERY time consuming.

So in a nutshell - I have servers that I do not monitor all volumes.  I add a new volume I want to monitor.  How do I have solar winds alert me that I have a new volume not being monitored and NOT include the fact that I have other volumes not being monitored because I don't care about all of them.

Solution: On your dbo.DiscoveredVolumes (and dbo.DiscoveredInterfaces) tables.  (might as well do this for all resource types..).  Add a column - 'InitialDiscoverDate'  When I run my scheduled discovery on my server network - it will populate this column with that date/time.  This column for each row (each row being a discovered volume of course) is not changeable.  Once it gets data a new discovery does NOT override this column.  (Maybe add a column for 'InitialDiscoveryDate' and 'LatestDiscoveryDate') although at this time I cannot think of a good reason to keep the latter..but maybe it creates the flexibility now that we have it.

So - now I have a column with my 'InitialDiscoveryDate'  I run my discovery to Create a baseline if you will to populate this column.  Now any subsequent discovery can be 'filtered' on this column so if I run weekly discoveries I can now say 'Only include items discovered after X date'  Now I have a nice and clean report showing servers with new volumes, interfaces, whatever.  No huge report where I have to add to an ignore list.  I can check from this scan the volumes, interfaces, etc to add to the SW monitoring.

Sure using the ignore list with a small amount of servers is fine - but for your Enterprise customers (customers with HUNDREDS+ servers) using the ignore list is not feasible.  If I had this column of dates I could filter on a date and easily see only deltas for this data and quickly add new resources to my monitoring.