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More Orion Map improvements necessary

Orion Map feature on platform 2020.2 is great, cool, getting better and better and I know that many new functionalities on Orion Map are under development but let me add a few:

  • Line connection - let it be editable for size/thickness, color and not only straight (able to get curve or broken).
  • Labels for connection - needs checkbox to Enable/Disable and ability to edit size, font, color and position.
  • Possibility to edit the set of icons - add new icons and/or graphics as icons.

When working with Orion Map will probably need more musthaves but I appreciate it's improvements compared to the platform 2019.4.


    Great stuff! What I need the most is the ability to change font size/styles (i.e. bold) of the connection utilization and bps.

    Connection link statistics can take more space than older Network Atlas and it would be great to modify it, maybe even disable bps or disable % util or even change "Mbit" to "M" (for smaller maps).

    As you can see on the below image, it can be challenging to read the connection statistics. This was not such a bit of a problem in Network Atlas

    2020-11-10 11_22_26-Zoom Meeting.png

  •  cool stuff  Would like to have it. Maybe just new option - to add widget to map.

  • +1, we need improvements !!!  

    Possibility to display graph on map like other solution : 

  •  - great feedback and insight! Really appreciate you sharing that info. To answer your question, there is not a way that you can hide individual connections at this time, only ALL connections of a certain type like "Topology". That wouldn't help you in this case so we will take that as a +1 for the ability to hide individual connections. Different maps for different audiences absolutely make sense, and your use cases certainly help to illustrate those needs. Thank you for sharing.  

  • I just add a manual connection for the port-channel but I am unable to delete the auto-discovered interfaces, another feature request?,

    I see the connection legends of the port-channel but again errors are showing instead of the higher utilization which is what I would have seen in Atlas and would prefer to see here.

    Port-channel stats.JPGport-channel on map.JPG