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Merging of Orion Maps and Network Topology Mapper into an amazing tool

I have used Netbrain in the past for automated network maps, and exporting to Visio.  The Orion maps looks ok, but its tedious to use and from what I can see you cannot export that to Visio (or other packages) for using as physical evidence in Audits etc when required.

We have purchased Solarwinds Network Topology mapper and can use it as a stand alone product to map and create and automate the export of Visio diagrams, as well as export to Network Atlas and be imported into NPM for use in maps, however it would be amazing to have this functionality in the new Orion Maps feature from the web console, especially if you are scanning you network daily / weekly anyway for new SNMP/WMI devices etc.

Any chance of this happening in a timely manner?

  • This would be an amazing combo. 

  •  - thanks for the feature request and feedback. 

    Hopefully you can share some further insight.

    You mention Netbrain in your comments which is an entire tool dedicated to mapping alone, along with the ability to export to Visio as a desired function. You then mention Orion Maps is tedious to use. I assume this may be a comparison and interested in your thoughts around where we can improve.

    My first question would be, what makes it tedious to use? Any particular pain points?

    Second, Orion Maps is not strictly dedicated to building Visio-like diagrams as there are many different types of maps our customers like to create, but is it just a printable version of the map you need for audits, or do you make further changes in Visio to these maps? If so, what changes do you make or what tools would prevent you from having to use Visio at all?  

    As far as the NTM feature/functionality - is it the scheduled scans and automatically building out the map what you are looking for to be added to Orion Maps? 

    Follow up; when you are dynamically creating a map, what do you expect the layout to look like?

    As far as timelines, we are always trying to make improvements, but don't have specific time frames we can share. I look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you!