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over 1 year ago

Let all in one installer REMOVE old trial software

I recently went through and upgraded my entire system and in the process discovered I had an old trial of a SolarWinds component still in my system.

Now, in the past it wasn't a problem. The installer would just blast through and if the module wasn't licensed, it simply wouldn't work. Easy.

During the start of my recent upgrade, it announced to me that I had a trial that was not licensed, and it wouldn't let me go any further.

I had to back out of the upgrade, go to each server, go to add/remove programs, uninstall the component, and then had to go through the Configuration Wizard.

Once I was done with all that, then I could start my upgrade over.

Could you add into the upgrade wizard the ability to mark a component for uninstall while the upgrade is going so we only have to go through the Configuration Wizard once?