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Last status changed for objects (and possible cleansing policy).

It could be nice to have an out of the box feature that saves the last status change of objects (nodes, interfaces, volumes, applications etc).

The idea is that anytime a status changes on something, a date field is updated in a table.

Then, if we want to know precisely since how long a particular object is in the current state, we just look at these dates.

Currently this can be done only looking at events, but they're not always there, they can be purged and so on.

Having this field would help on large deployment in which objects might be down/ unknown etc since *long* periods.

With a date which is precise and reliable we can report to local IT but we can also implement a Cleansing procedure through API or and this is the idea extension there could be options inside the orion console itself to remove non responding objects after XXX days, leveraging on these new fields anyway.