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over 1 year ago

Improve and consolidate perfstack metrics with toggles

One of the things that bothers me with perfstack is the way every metric is set up. Why can't the below be consolidated into two metrics: CPU/Memory? Drag em onto chart, default is average, and then we could have checkboxes next to the items for what we want (see image). I'm also not saying it has to be this way, but I think we'd benefit from something being done to not have 30+ items to choose between for what is really 4-6 at the top. We need a hierarchy of some kind. pastedImage_0.png


You can still keep this part of charting below the metric, but still this would let me consolidate the list above. IT's silly having to drag 8-10 different perfstack metrics like this, especially when you consider that they're listed alphabetically and become excessive for things like netflow.