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Groups, Status rollup mode - Add more options


I hope this is the correct forum, this is my first petition. My request is this: When we create groups, there's only three option that show us the status of that group, here is the article, that explain the group status

Those status are limited to Show you only three options: Best Status, Mixed Status and Worst Status. The problem with those are that you don't know exactly what node is down for sure, until you click the group and it show you the details.  

Right now if you choose Best Status, normally the map or group will be most of the Time Green, so you think that everything is OK. But it is not. Not the best option

If you choose the Mixed Status, all the map or Group, will be Yellow, and again, you need to click in every yellow alert to see what is going on, Not the best option

And if you choose the Worst status, now imagine, yes!, every group or map will be Red most of the time, and again, you need to click to every group to know what is going on, Not the best option

Edit Group > Advanced

It will be awesome have more option, for example; create a fourth option: That can work By Percentage. Depends of the amount of node on that group, change the status of the Group by calculation and percentage depends of the amount of node that are down.

OR a Fifth option: The Group use the same configuration of Nodes Thresholds, but instead of individual node, well, by Groups.

The thing is that we need a better and accurate status in Groups. And its very important because most of the time we create maps by group and we constantly check the map to see what is going on and right now the only three option that are available, take from us more time to figure it out or finds what nodes are down. (I know that we can receive Alerts or configure Alerts) but normally we, humans, take action when we saw a different color that is not GREEN.

I hope my request is simple to understand, and if is not, please let me know and I can tried to explain it in a different way. 


  • In the Modern Dashboard, the option is available under Threshold in the KPIs Widget. The same feature can be implemented in Manage Group > Status rollup mode. Thanks.