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over 1 year ago

Feature Request Export and Import Customized Views


Based on many client requests I have it would be nice to have the ability to export and import customized view configs so that if one has multiple separate Orion Instances it would would be easier have synchronized views.  If you have to manually copy view configurations it can be pain staking administratively.

Please vote up if you agree.  Also please feel free to add comments on how you would like to to operate.



  • First time I ever noticed this feature request, but in case anyone needs this I wrote a set of powershell tools to do this.

  • This would be very helpful as we are consolidating two instances in the near future.

  • I could use this feature NOW. Well yesterday would be even better. I'm consolidating Orion instances and having to manually re-create several view.

  • This thread was more to request that functionality back. 

  • I asked my SolarWinds contact and he gave me the old location, he didn't know it was gone either.   I had a secondary SolarWinds server, different name, IP, different database, etc.  I am going to be dual monitoring, same devices, but to different databases.  I wanted a more efficient way to take the views I created on the one SolarWinds server to my new SolarWinds server to cut back on the time it takes to recreate them. I tried to export from one database and resort to a new database.   DO NOT EXPORT THE VIEW TABLE FROM ONE DATABASE AND TRY TO RESTORE TO A NEW DATABASE.  It totally screwed up my views, couldn't repair them at all.  I literally had to blow away the database and create it from scratch.  (...because the SQL dba didn't back up the database before restoring the table-not entirely my fault)

    From my SolarWinds contact after I told him the OrionWebBackup no longer existed: "The views table cannot be exported as the resourceid is a key that is unique to each database."  As are many things in the database apparently.