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FEATURE REQUEST - Orion Maps - Data Rack Designer


It would be nice to see a feature related to a data rack designer tool. If possible to see this built into Orion Maps. It would be nice even if on a first go around to be able to build the devices into NPM and have selectable fields as to how many RU the device would take up, what it fills (Front to Back, Front or Back), what type of device it is and optional power type (Most of this is pulled with SNMP today).

The relay rack could have a front and back view with options for RU height (3 RU up to 70 RU) and rack width (19" or 23" inside dimension)

The devices then could be assigned and snapped into place on the data rack view. Objects at first could be simple color schemes of green, yellow, red, blue and purple for example to signify if that device is in the according state from NPM. In later software development phases, options to add specific device stencils from major vendors or if we could add our own.

You can somewhat do this within network atlas using object images and background images. It would be nice to see it automated and the ability to use it as a simple network inventory from a data rack planning perspective.

I see this being a nice feature to help improve the network maps, maintain an inventory and to give multiple views for all levels of IT.

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