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over 1 year ago

FEATURE REQUEST - Colors in Orion Web based Reports.

This feature request is to have coloring options in Orion Web Based Reports, SolarWinds Case # 1084316 - Colors in Reports was opened and closed as SolarWinds support mentioned this feature is not currently in the product and they will be submitting it as a feature request.

1.       When Generating/Viewing reports in Orion web console and exporting to PDF

1.1. Component / Service status of any application is showing the colors based on status - this is OK.

1.2. Any utilization thresholds reached like (CPU, Memory, HDD space) are NOT showing colors, we should have some ability to show colors in case of utilization are high or above set thresholds.

2.       Emailing the same reports as PDF attachments in the email NO COLORS at all (for components status even if down as well as any utilization thresholds)

3.       Emailing the same reports as message body using HTML, there are NO COLORS at all (for components status as well as any utilization thresholds).

I know that we can generate separate reports and schedule them in case of any high thresholds reached, but these reports are daily basis reports and operations team when seeing the report will have an eye on infrastructure, and in case there are no coloring options they need to go through detail in each report twice daily.