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FEATURE REQUEST - Absolute Values and floating points in Thresholds

We have a lot of big size volumes (4-6TB). It is not possible to change the Thresholds to an absolute value like "20 GB" or use a threshold like "99,87%"

It's only possible to set 98 or 99 or 100%.


if i want to set an critical state to a volume to 20 GB free space. I can do this only at alerting, but not in dashboard.

So i have a lot of critical Volumes, but this is not a problem, they have to be green:


Case # - 00113811

Case # - 1144962

@Solarwinds: so pleat give us the possibility to use absolute values in Thresholds and floating points.

At the CPU Thresholds it's possible to use floating points! Why not at the volumes? So maybe a bug :-)

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