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Dynamic Query for Group-Match on IP CIDR notation or Regex


For limiting visibility and access with 'groups of groups' using Dynamic Query matching on IP subnets.

We use a group structure of Business/Office. In our IP address schema, our businesses have an IP address supernet that varies in size between 10.X.X.X/16 and 10.X.X.X/20. Offices boundaries are supernets within the assigned business range 10.100.X.X/16. We would like to add devices by discovery or manual entry and have those devices roll into the right group using the IP Schema. 


Currently, on 'Dynamic Query' 'Node' 'IP_Address' 'matches' regex with 10.1.0.[0-9] works for one digit but not for a repeat match. Example: 10.1.0.[0-9]{1,3}

Here you can see the regex for 10.1.0.[0-9]{1,3} does not match.

Ideally, we would prefer to match on CIDR notation

I have worked with support and they have redirected me to apply for a feature request. Please advise if there is a way to accomplish this in the current version or what are my next steps.

Thank you!