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Display Web Server Name in Orion Web UI

I have previously posted a method to display the hostname of the Orion web server the user is connected to. This is super helpful where multiple Orion web servers are deployed and some form of load balancing is being performed distributing connections across a farm. When users experience slow performance or commonly, where load balancer algorithms or methods mean connection sessions move from one web server to another, thereby forcing users to re-login, knowing which server you are hitting is useful.

My above linked method that puts the server name in the footer looks like this when deployed.


This ok, but requires editing Orion web pages which gets overwritten on Configuration Wizard runs.  I think it would be better to have the information in the header.


This could easily be an optional thing, since it doesn't make sense for an environment with only the Primary Polling Engine or the Primary Polling Engine and Additional Polling Engines.  But, if the SolarWinds software detects that it is installed with Additional Web Sites active, this could be automatically enabled on the Web Servers' and the Primary Polling Engine's website.