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over 1 year ago

Customize Perfstack permissions in Orion

I'd like to have a perfstack specific group of permissions in Orion - to add granularity.

1: being able to specify WHO can have permissions to modify a specific perfstack - specifically, group permissions please?

2: being able to specify who can make a perfstack (not read only)

3: being able to transfer those permissions

4: being able to delete perfstacks (IE: someone else's)

All of this falls back towards better control of perfstack from an admin standpoint, and would save us some DB editing.

  • The only good thing is that you only allowed to create perfstack with objects which are defined in your Account Limitations. But that I'm as admin not able to modify/delete a report is not so good. Do you checked if two users which have access via a group could modify each others reports?

    You have "read only" access to a report when the creator shares the report. Which could be used as a workaround. But at the end - a better permission management is needed.