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Custom Properties Custom Order List

This new Feature Request is to be able to have Custom Properties Listed in an Order of our own choice.

By default both SQL and SWQL order all list items by ascending numbers and then alphabetical.

If the Custom Property is prefixed with a number both SQL and SWQL will add a hidden Underscore _ in front of the number.

A work around for this is to prefix each Custom Property with a letter before the number.

I have therefore chosen to prefix each new Custom Property with CP, as shown below;

  • CP01_<CustomPropertyHeader1>
  • CP02_<CustomPropertyHeader2>
  • CP03_<CustomPropertyHeader3>
  • CP04_<CustomPropertyHeader4>

What are the benefits of this?

The benefit will be to be able to list the Custom Property Node attributes and details as an ascending list of Node attributes and details list item types.

The Custom Properties Group types could be as shown below:

Please Note: Some Data may be also available within the Nodes Data for those Polled by SNMP, WMI or Agent.

Custom Properties 01 > 10: Could be about the Node the Device Type and its function.

  • Router > WAN > TBC? > Priority > SLA > TBC?
  • Switch > LAN > Access > Priority > SLA > TBC?
  • Switch > LAN > Core > Priority > SLA > TBC?
  • UPS > LAN > TBC? > Priority > SLA > TBC?
  • Server > LAN > VM > Priority > SLA > TBC?
  • Printer > LAN > Production > Priority > SLA > TBC?
  • Printer > LAN > Office > Priority > SLA > TBC?

Custom Properties 11 > 20: Could be for the Nodes Site Location both for the Address and or the Physical Location on the Site.
This group could also include a UTC or Time Zone Custom Property for Global Monitoring Environments, relative to UTC or where the Main Pollers Clock is based.

Custom Properties 21 > 30: Node Site ‘Point of Contact’ details;

  • Name > Telephone Number. > email Address > Alternate ‘Point of Contact’

Custom Properties 31 > 40: Node 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Line Resolver Groups and Node Device Type Owners, including ISPs and 3rd Party Devices.

Custom Properties 41 > 50: Nodes Alerts or Notifications Standard Text Message Attributes.
This Custom Property list value can be used instead of writing an individual Alert with this Text within it for the benefit of the Service Desk or the recipient of the triggered Alert or Event Notification.

Custom Properties 51 > 60: Could be Special Text Field attributes for an external program being used for the Service Desk Requests and the Tickets.

And the Custom Properties Numbers continue ascending.

Despite not initially having 10 (or 20) Custom Property Headers for the Custom Property List Items to be assigned for each Custom Properties Group Type using blocks of 10 means that future expansion of that group will be possible.

Many SolarWinds Monitoring Environments may already have their Custom Properties in good order, however there will be many that are not.

Feedback on this Feature Request will be most appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support.



  • RaviK,

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • As an additional feature, it would help if we could have IF-THEN options for Custom properties.

    For example - we could have a Custom Property for Team owner with values being Network Team, Server Team and so on. For nodes belonging to Network Team, we could have separate custom properties that could be different from the Server Team custom properties.

    To further clarify:

    Central Router as node has Custom property of Team Owner as Network Team. If property is Network Team, then other custom properties that become relevant to this device maybe CP Device Type as Core.

    Web Server as node has Custom property of Team Owner as Server Team.  If property is Server Team, then other custom properties that become relevant to this node maybe CP Application Type as Production.